High Frequency TIG control unit

Optional Item for H and UNI Series

Weldman WERT3O1 is the TIG contro4 unit compatible with Weldman CC power sources. When coupled to
the Weldman rower source, various TIG features are available.

• Recommended length of interconnection cables are available as per
  the application.
• Digital display for easy setting of current
• High frequency (HF) stan/Lift start/MMA selector switch for mode
  selection of process.
• 2S14S/Fast tack selector switch for trigger hold and quick tacking.
• Tungsten tip saving feature In lift start mode.
• High frequency auto cut-off for protection against accidental triggering.
• Current Up/Down slope adjustment (for soft start and crater filling).
• Gas pre-fiow/post-fiow time adjustment (for purging and cooling).
• Designed and built to operate under harshest environment and meet the
requirement of quality welding in shipyards, pipelines, construction,
petrochemical plants. oil refinery, off shore works and workshop.